TMeehanhe Moral Injury Project at Syracuse University formed in Summer 2014 after a gathering of academics, administrators, researchers, religious scholars, veterans, professors, chaplains, and mental health providers addressed the question: What are we doing about moral injury among US military veterans? 

We asked this question in the wake of a visit by Dr. Rita N. Brock of the Soul Repair Center at Texas Brite Divinity School. Her work inspired us, and we considered ourselves allies in her mission to address US military veterans looking for answers about their service and experiences.


Hendricks Chapel

Hendricks Chapel

Moral injury thus became an everyday term among our group, formed under Hendricks Chapel and with a secular but welcoming philosophy. Moral injury demands individual answers to individual questions asked by the men and women who hold different faiths, philosophies, and visions of storytelling.

To that end, we have worked to facilitate dialogues between the general public and the veterans and family members who have experienced moral injury. Our events for this academic year are listed above.



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  1. Fr. Gary M. Fukes says:

    I am a VA Catholic Chaplain in Tampa, FL. I am traveling to Syracuse for the holidays and I would be interested in meeting with a team member on the Moral Injury Project. I am currently involved with research at the Tampa VA inpatient Mental Health. I also facilitate a PTSD Spirituality Group.

  2. Mariposa McCall says:

    Oh I would love to receive your newsletter

  3. Jessica Hayden says:

    Hi all,

    Similar to Martin, I am also a doctoral candidate with great interest in exploring moral injury. Thank you for including me on your email list-serv and for drawing much needed awareness of this invisible wound!

  4. Nina Yamini says:

    Hi I am researching on Moral Injury for my dissertation. Please add me to your mailing list. Thank you !


  5. Jonathan Jose Castillo says:

    hello my name is SSG Jonathan Castillo, I was diagnosed with severe PTSD and I have undergone numerous PTSD programs, I recently learned about “moral injuries” and I think it would really help me. I was a combat medic during my two tours and saw and did many things that i can’t cope with. I would love to know more about your program please put me on your mailing list. I wish I had a way of getting to one of the camps that are offered but at this time I cant afford to. Thank you in advance. anyone who reads this feel free to contact me with any help and advice.

  6. Martin Robinson says:

    Hi All,

    I am excited to read about the work on the Moral Injury Project. I am a PhD candidate focusing on the mental health of military veterans with a keen interest in studying Moral Injury.

    I would like to be placed on any mailing lists and be kept up to date on the progress of your work.

    Many thanks,

  7. Keerthy Sunder says:

    Hello gentle folks –
    I am a Psychiatrist and Principal Investigator for PTSD treatments for our brave Veterans. I’m very keen to learn about your project. Kindly include me in your mailing list.

    Keerthy Sunder, MD

  8. Jacob Hedges says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’m an OIF/OEF combat veteran and a mental health counselor out of Oswego. I’d like to get more involved in your organization and get some more info if possible. Can you put me on your mailing list? Any way I can help would be welcome. Thank you!

  9. Ryan Luchau says:

    Please add to the email list serve for any communication that is sent out. I would like to be engaged in this project as our ministry is dedicated to address these specific wounds.

  10. Apostle says:

    Good Morning Andrew, and Colleague,

    It was such a pleasure to meet you, I enjoyed the “Inner Healing Retreat,” immensely !

    How do I become a member of the Moral Injury Project?



  11. Rev. Kitty Hahn-Campanella says:

    Can this be recorded to share with us too far away to attend? I hope so. Please add me to your mailing list too.

  12. Pat Miersma says:

    I’m grateful to hear of your Project and would love to be on your mailing list.

  13. Wes McKithern says:

    Hey guys,

    My wife and I are soldiers and we have a podcast with a growing veteran following. We would love to have someone from your project on to talk to veterans about moral injury. Please feel free to email us if this is something you are interested in. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  14. Christa Acampora says:

    Very interested in your project and hope to make it to your conference. I am a principal investigator for a major NEH-funded initiative titled “The Experience of War: Moral Transformation, Injury, and Repair”. Would be very happy to be on your mailing list and to initiate dialogue and exchange.

  15. Karin Porch says:

    I would like to receive your Newsletter.
    I am interested in starting Veterans’ groups to assist with talking about Moral Injury and alleviate pain.
    I am interested in all the information and resources I can obtain to begin these groups.

  16. Bob LaVallee says:

    Hey All – I’m delighted to learn about your project. If you have a mailing list, I’d like to be placed on it.

    Bob LaVallee

    1. Andrew Miller says:

      Hi Bob, I’ve added you — thanks

    2. Jim McGee says:

      I too would like to be on your mailing list. As a Readjustment Counselor, this topic is of great interest!

  17. Susan Turley says:

    As a VA Chaplain and Gold Star Mother, I am grateful to see faith integrated in the response to addressing moral injury or as I refer to it as “spiritual wounding”. Reframing one’s faith after trauma is part of the journey toward healing and well-being. Life will never be the same but one can integrate the injury and find new strength. This has been my experience after my son, Pfc. Keith J. Moore died in Iraq. Blessings to all our Armed Forces and those who care for them.

  18. Kathleen Hughes says:


    I’m a documentary filmmaker in New York City. With my colleague Abigail Disney I recently completed a documentary called The Armor of Light about the morality of gun ownership. We are now turning our attention to moral injury and are thinking about ways to make a film about the emerging field/school of thought and ways to help “repair the soul.” Might somebody there have some time to speak with me as I set out on this interesting research project. My email address is attached and my cell number is: 914 659 1690. All best, Kathy

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